Emmanuel Barcilon


Emmanuel Barcilon (Paris 1967) graduated in 1992 from the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Cergy. Since then he has had numerous exhibitions in galleries at art fairs and museums. His work has been showed in Paris, London, Basel and New York. And now we are proud to add Amsterdam to this list.


Barcilons work consists of layers of varnish mixed with pure pigments, often in bright colours. In these layers he scratches texts, adds drawings and makes use of collage. His intense use of colour, often bright and luminous, may contrast with the highly emotional texts and at times disturbing images.


Due to the reflective varnished surface the viewer becomes aware of his own presence. But the closer one gets, the more details become visible representing the mood of the artist; a landscape of joy, anger, doubt, hope and frustration.