Emmanuel Barcilon: Infinite Depths

15 July - 5 August 2017

We would like to invite you to the exhibition Infinite Depths by Emmanuel Barcilon. This Parisian artist has been associated with the gallery for many years now. His colorful monochrome works have established themselves among the generally more figurative offerings of the gallery. Barcilon's work consists of layers of pure pigments that are poured onto the surface, which he then processes to make the underlying layers partly visible again. Whereas in the past he often applied drawings and collages to the surface, this recent series of paintings consists of apparently monochrome color surfaces. However, due to the transparent layers and contrasting colors on the edges of the panel, many nuances in color and line have been made visible. These have an almost hypnotic effect. The series now on display in the gallery consists of works of very different sizes. All works, however small, have the same effect; you are, as it were, sucked in into the unfathomable depth of the painting.

Installation Views