• Rutger Brandt Gallery is dedicated to showcasing socially engaged and narrative contemporary art, featuring both emerging young artists and established international artists in a multi-generational program. Our mission is to promote artists who create thought-provoking works that address current politics and modern themes which reflect the spirit of this age. Our diverse range of artists explore various aspects of human experiences and relations, particularly those of alienation, isolation, and absurdism in modern society. Through their use of various mediums, our artists seek to challenge traditional forms of representation and shed light on unexpected aspects of everyday life, encouraging self-reflection and global awareness.


    Our annual exhibition program presents a wide range of critical shows that tackle social, political, and global issues. Our exhibitions offer new perspectives with each artist pushing the limits of their medium and producing critically engaging subject matter. At Rutger Brandt Gallery, we strive to foster a community of artists and art enthusiasts who are passionate about socially engaged and provocative contemporary art.


    Rutger Brandt Gallery was officially established in 2015. A few years earlier Galerie Brandt was founded and after moving to its present location merged into Rutger Brandt Gallery. The gallery participates in several art fairs in The Netherlands and abroad; The Armory Show, New York, USA, Untitled; Art, Miami, USA, Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands,  Expo Chicago, USA and PAN Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We cooperates with like-minded galleries and art institutes throughout Europe and the USA and Asia.

    Rutger Brandt Gallery offers her clients the KunstKoopRegelingThis is an interest free plan from The Mondriaan Fund for those residing in The Netherlands. Rutger Brandt Gallery applies the Gallery Fair Practice Code. This code is a permanent condition for Dutch galleries to strengthen the position of the artist in relation to the gallery.  This code was initiated by the Mondriaan Fund in cooperation with the Dutch Gallery Association (NGA) and will officially be respected in Dutch galleries as of July 1, 2023. To read the code and see how we ensure a fair practice, please check the following link,


    Opening hours during exhibitions: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 – 5pm or by appointment.