Alexandra Barth


"My work is in a broader sense always autobiographical. It began in 2014 with a series of self-mythologizing autoportrait paintings, often including some architectonic or interior design atributes. Slowly my attention moved to “figureless” still life – I was observing the things surrounding me and realized that the setting of one’s “habitat” tells a lot about him. The interest in the daily and mundane further led me to see the private spaces in the broader context of housing culture and urbanistic structures.


Despite the usual expectations connected to such subjects, my approach remains very personal, subjective and intuitive. I like to concentrate on aesthetic qualities of space and things – their structural elements, emotional qualities of materials, psychological tension between the parts."

Alexandra Barth (b. 1989, Malacky, Slovakia) explores the potential of airbrush painting, which she uses for her attentive work with the light and textures of portrayed materials. Barth observes private spaces and details from the interiors of unknown homes through her minimalistic compositions and carved out reality. Through a curated selection of her own photographic prototypes she pursues details of furniture or spaces during unfinished reconstructions, discovering dramatization of the everyday.


Barth is interested in the peculiar aspects of human activity, in the systematic arrangement of space, in the intimate aspects of the architecture of utility objects. The use of airbrushing allows her to work with the imprint of “photographic reality”. By merging minimalism with a postmodern taste for fragmentation and the infra-ordinary, she opens the critical horizon of painting over painting. 


Barth studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in 2013-2016. She lives and works in Sanguinetto.