Sebastian Hosu


My painting depicts reality – my reality. This also encompasses my idea of nature, which is in turn an expression of this reality. I see nature as a presence in painting that is archetypical and not illustrative. But what is nature? Something that leads the way and where we belong? Still? Or a long-forgotten experience, replaced and superseded by the virtual reality of our modern times?


In my work, I seek to answer these questions not by the means of rational capacity, but through art. In my paintings, memories of a natural presence emerge. Sebastian Hosu explores the human figure. In his large and colorful canvasses he depicts fragmented and incomplete bodies, yet they are not disfigured or mutilated but seem to dissolve into abstraction. On closer look however they simply blend into the space in which they exist. They are being absorbed by a swooping energy, merging with the landscape; dissolving the hierarchy between space and figure. The relation between society and it’s environment, the human in connection or disconnection with nature, is a recurring theme in Hosu’s paintings.


Hosu: 'It is not a nostalgic retrospection on the condition before the clash between nature and culture. Also, it is no illusion of an ideal world. The composition lives and breathes in its instability which through its restlessness fractures the desired harmony between ‘green body’ and wideness of space that are shown in a dialectical discrepancy. I have been occupied with this restlessness or dynamic in the art of painting for a long time'.




2021 «Finalist for the Walter Koschatzky Award », Vienna, Austria


2017 «The Elisabeth Greenshields Award » , Canada

2015 1st Prize «10. Kunstpreis Wesseling», Germany
2015 1st Prize «ArtWalk», Leipzig, Germany
2014-2016 KAAD Stipendium, Germany
2012 Elisabeth Greenshields Award, Canada
2012 «Price Horlait», Brussels, Belgium
2012 Finalist «Herelbeke Prijs Beeldende Kunsten», Belgium
2006 1st Prize Drawing on ecology, Satu Mare, Romania
2006 Mention in the National Painting Olympiad Competition, Timisoara, Romania


2013-2016: Meisterschüler studies at Prof. Heribert C. Ottersbach(HGB), Leipzig, Germany
2011-2012: Master at the « Académie Royale des Beaux-arts », Painting section, Liege, Belgium
2009-2010: Bachelors degree at the University of Fine Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2008-2009: Erasmus scholarship at the « Accademia Albertina di Bellearti », Turin, Italy

2007: Graduated in the High School of Fine Arts « Aurel Popp », Satu Mare, Romania


Solo exhibitions:

2020 « In The Open » Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2020 « Out There » Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig, Germany
2019 « Leisure Life» Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2019 » I‘ll Be Your Mirror « Josef Filipp Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2019 « In the light of a lake [Fluid Projekt] » , Kunstverein Freunde Aktueller Kunst, Zwickau
« Green Meat » Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, (MdbK) Leipzig

2018 « Outscape » Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig, Germany

2017 Sebastian Hosu « new images » , Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig, Germany

2017 « tough time », Brennecke Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017 « no7», with Agnes Lammert in FF15 Gallery, Leipzig, Germany

2016 « Creating Realities », with Georg Brückmann in Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2016 « Menschen-Träume », (artist talk with Misheck Masamvu), KAAD, Bonn, Germany

2015 « Natural Selection », Westpol A.I.R. space, Leipzig, Germany

2015 « Sun Outside », KAAD, Bonn, Germany

2015 « Backstage Painting », Bükü-Galerie, Leipzig, Germany