Myles Bennett


Myles Bennett is interested in the intersection of architectural drawings, 18th century landscape paintings, and the organized space of woven and raw canvas. For centuries, canvas in all of its forms has represented what we understand to be a picture plane. The material has been stretched, primed, and conditioned for the creation of a multitude of genres of paintings. It has been left bare, painted all white or black, or gridded with graphite. Bennett's work examines these methods, and rather than subverting them, opens up a new conversation about what a picture plane could be.

Bennett's explorative process is realized through his figurative paintings, sculpture, photography, minimalist and maximalist drawings. His works are manifested in various forms of physical abstraction which combine these diverse mediums and delve into what lies within and underneath the historic materials. Whether the process lends itself to drawing lines guided by the canvas grain, inking into the cotton fibers, or the precise extraction of the canvas’s warp, leaving the weft behind, all tactics seek to fuse the artist’s curiosities and the surface’s condition into an aesthetic balancing act.

Bennett attended the Rhode Island School of Design, attaining a bachelors degree in architecture in 2006. Recent solo exhibitions include Galerie Tangerine (Nashville, TN 2020), LaFontsee Gallery (Grand Rapids, MI 2019), Bennett Galleries (Nashville, TN 2018) and Espositivo Gallery (Madrid 2018).