Sander Meisner


Sander Meisner is a self taught photographer born (1979), living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

"I work with themes and ideas dealing with public space, abstraction, transformation, the passing of time, change, utopia/dystopia, function and transition. In geometric, almost abstract shapes and lines, I photograph the usually overlooked corners of the buildings in our cities. I look for these compositions at night, when the sun is gone and the artificial light of the night creates colors and shapes which cannot be seen with the naked eye. When I photograph these grim and grey places and expose the photographic film with extremely long exposures, the night turns out to be both very colourful and beautiful. I use the colors, shapes and lines of the night to make semi-abstract images that are influenced by Rothko and Neo-Plasticism at the same time.

Wandering through the edges of cities, looking for colourful beauty in the desolate corners of grey, man-made, structures, I photograph the (sleeping) infrastructure of the urban environment." SM