Yigal Ozeri: Americana

27 August - 1 October 2022

We proudly present the new solo show by Yigal Ozeri, the New York City-based artist who is considered among the top hyperrealist painters in the world!


The new series is titled Americana where his focus lies on an American icon; 'the diner' with all its appealing retro-elements from the furniture to the lighting. Many cultural artifacts fall within the definition of Americana; some are just faded notions, typically associated with quintessential elements of American culture. The diner has always been a sanctuary, a space that is both public yet personal. It was a refreshing oddity loosening up social boundaries in a time where eating out was a privilege of the elite. As an added component to the classic undertone of his paintings, in this series Ozeri includes contemporary details that will be forever etched in our collective psyche, making it timeless and time specific simultaneously. There are subtle nuances of COVID 19 implications in many of the works. Ozeri juxtaposes the new with the old making this series multifaceted and complex. He remains true to his painting approach combining sharp detailed brushstrokes with abstract constituents. Illuminated by visceral imagery of retrospective architecture and interiors, his paintings come to life capturing the space between the physical and the abstract.