Art Paris

5 - 8 April 2018

From April 5th-8th 2018, Art Paris Art Fair will bring together 142 galleries from 23 different countries in the spectacular setting of the Grand Palais. Diversity and discovery are the key words of this leading springtime event for modern and contemporary art in Paris, combining region-by-region exploration of European art from the post-war years to the present day and a cosmopolitan perspective on emerging scenes from around the World.


Under the title Deconstructed Dimensions we will show three young and very talented artists at Art Paris. All three artists are concerned with space and how it translates into a two dimensional picture plane. In their formal approach to shape, color and composition they research how memories can deceive you. Abstractions of consciousness lead to fractured forms either in the paintings by Carlos Sagrera, Matthias Schaaremans’ collages or the colorful photography of Eva Roovers. Also work of Jan de Vliegher will be on display.


Carlos Sagrera (Spain, 1987) depicts interiors, sometimes seemingly empty but always full with detail. Various spaces of a home in which time seems to have stood still. The spaces evoke associations with the past and as the spectator you wonder if the interiors really existed, or if they are merely created by the artist. Sagrera’s hyperrealism is good, but when he uses abstract color sweeps it gets really exciting.


Eva Roovers (The Netherlands, 1981) work is staged photography. In the studio she creates colorful sculptures out of mundane products. Those sculptures exist only temporarily for the purpose of the photograph. With a tessellation of color, the light is sculpted around the forms and strengthens the individual presence and shape of the objects. All lighting effects and compositions are created on set and not trough digital manipulation.


Matthias Schaareman (The Netherlands, 1986) creates paintings on paper that concern themselves on the two- and three dimensional plane. In his works we can recognize shapes that refer to ornaments from old houses, theaters and industrial heritage. Schaareman received two grants from the Mondriaan Fund for emerging artists in order to focus on his career as a visual artist.


Jan de Vlieger (Bruges, 1964) is known for his paintings in which color and composition take precedent over subject matter. De Vliegher captures his subjects with vigorous yet controlled brushwork and attaches no importance to the narrative or anecdotic aspect but is constantly searching for universal situations. Ordinary objects and events from his own environment are captured on film, compositionally reorganized and transformed into a painting in surprisingly strong colors. He knows exactly how to convincingly paint an effect of light or darkness with a particular brush technique, or how to suggest a specific material. The thick paint texture gives his work a sensual touch.


Rutger Brandt Gallery can be found in the Promises section!

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