Dimitar Genchev at Museum De Domijnen

September 28th - November 29th, 2020

From September 28th – November 29th, Dutch Museum De Domijnen will show the exhibition ‘Schoonheid en verval’ (‘Beauty and Decay’). Rutger Brandt Gallery is proud to announce that this exhibition will center around Dimitar Genchev’s artworks. His art will be shown alongside sculptures by Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout. These two artists are connected by their fascination with decay. By exhibiting their oeuvres next to each other, the sublime beauty of decay is shown, as dismantled industrial sites, garbage and ruins are depicted in a different light.


‘Schoonheid en verval’ will be the very first retrospective exhibition of Dimitar Genchev’s oeuvre in the Netherlands, as 40 artworks of him will be on view. It will thus provide an overview of Genchev’s striking depictions of real life, which combine hyperrealistic and abstract elements. By sometimes adding virtual images, he creates an augmented reality of sorts. Genchev’s diverse oeuvre is a perfect example of a constant search for artistic innovation.


‘Schoonheid en verval, Dimitar Genchev en Peter Buggenhout’ will be on show at Museum De Domijnen from September 28th – November 29th. Additionally, curator Anne Berk will give free lectures on the exhibition on several dates. For more information, visit https://www.dedomijnen.nl/.

September 23, 2020
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