Zsofia Schweger

4 September - 23 October 2021

The new gallery season is upon us and Rutger Brandt Gallery is proud to announce the first exhibition of the season. Pause, Zsofia Schweger's first (solo) exhibition in the Netherlands, will be on view in the gallery from September 4 to October 9.


Zsofia Schweger (1989) is originally from Szeged, Hungary. After her studies in Boston and London, she settled in the English capital in 2015. The many relocations she went through during this period are a source of inspiration for her work. The places where she has lived are all part of her identity. In her paintings she is therefore interested in exploring the relationship of humans to a space and the notion of 'being at home'.

Schweger paints both domestic and public interiors. In her work she applies the paint in a minimalist manner. She applies the paint in thin, even layers and thus depicts the spaces in flat areas of color. In combination with the soft, muted colors, she creates an atmosphere of both alienation and intimacy. Her paintings are stripped of human figures, which can make them appear cold, but at the same time the calm and order that Schweger has masterfully incorporated in them evokes a feeling of accessibility and familiarity. Especially because of the large format in which she often works, the viewer gets the idea that she can almost step into the painting.

“Pause” refers to the interruption of an action. In Schweger's work, the spaces appear silent and unmoved, yet a human presence is implied. However, the actions of the figure are paused.

Installation Views