Art Rotterdam

1 - 4 July 2021

The 22nd edition of Art Rotterdam will take place from July 1st - 4th, 2021. Located in the iconic Van Nelle-factory, the art fair will once again form a dynamic meeting point for art lovers and connoisseurs.


As the focus of Art Rotterdam lies with contemporary art which is dynamic and challenging, Rutger Brandt Gallery is proud to showcase art by Radenko Milak, Steffen Kern and Thijs Jansen. 


Radenko Milak's (1980) practice as an artist has always been heavily influenced by the idea that our relationship to the world and its history is largely determined by the uninterrupted and continuous flow of images that documents the world. At Art Rotterdam 2021, we will exhibit new artworks by this extraordinary artist. Milak has created striking depictions of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Steffen Kern (1988) creates drawings with ink, charcoal and oil pastels. He invokes a photographic aesthetic in his work by applying photographic elements such as blooming and depth of field. By drawing on his own memories for inspiration, the artist tries to speak to the beholder's collective pictorial memory. This is why his images often become recognizable to the beholder: we have already seen them in films, photographs, or real life.


Contrary to the two previous artists, Thijs Jansen's (1986) work stands out because it features colour. In his work Jansen depicts and interprets his own memories of the world. Although the main subjects of his work are everyday objects, the images he creates become ambiguous and permeated by various layers of meaning. The sometimes surprisingly small size of Thijs Jansen's panels does not mean the works can be viewed with a cursory glance. In order to fully appreciate the dynamics in his art, one will have to take their time and take in all the details.