Art Paris

31 March - 3 April 2016

For the Promises section of Art Paris I’ve chosen three young artists that complement each other. The emphasis lies on Natalia Ossef, the very promising Syrian/Dutch artist who is currently supported (for the second year in a row) by the prestigious Mondriaan Fund with a scholarship. In her work and that of Enrico Freitag people play a leading role. Alienation, loss of identity in Ossef’s work and fear of being absorbed by nameless masses in generic working places in Freitag’s paintings call for an interesting dialogue.
The colorful work by photographer Brückmann is based on the house of philosopher Wittgenstein whose ideas inspired Brückmann. He re-build rooms of the house in a three-dimensional mock up using his own photographs. Only at one angle can the life-size reconstructions be photographed for them to come alive. The collage-like works are printed on a large format and lead to much discussion: what is it exactly you are looking at one wonders. A very interesting artist who only recently won the famous Otto Steinert prize.

Installation Views