Art Rotterdam

8 - 11 February 2018

We’re delighted to announce our participation at the upcoming edition of Art Rotterdam! Here we’ll show new monumental chromatic works by Radenko Milak. Milak was the main artist to represent his country at the National Pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Venice Biennale of 2017.

The serie Dark Matter deals with pictorial worlds that we can only view using the most modern optical processes. Nano-microscopes show us the tiniest of structures, while the Hubble Space Telescope presents us with images of the endless expanses of the universe. Both worlds exist beyond our natural perception, and between these extreme dimensions human existence plays an infinitely small role. Only with the help of highly advanced technology can people try to imagine a world beyond the tangible one that surrounds us.  Radenko Milak selects micro- or macroimages and translates them into monochromatic watercolor paintings. By doing so he transforms the scientifically objective, digital process into a subjective, handmade medium that is artistic in the traditional sense. Although we can see these images, we can not ‘read’ them. The large black and white panels are abstract formations and patterns. They invite us to a poetic and aesthetic comprehension of the invisible world and unveil an enigmatic landscape, where the concept of infinity is beyond our comprehension but opens our imagination.

The nineteenth edition of Art Rotterdam is once again located in the iconic Van Nelle fabriek from Thursday 8 February to Sunday 11 February. And with a strong mission – just as the previous editions. Or, as formulated by director Fons Hof: “For a large group of art lovers, Art Rotterdam is becoming more and more the annual moment to seize the opportunity and obtain a magnificent work of art. We will do everything to create the right atmosphere to enable this. What we want is for people to go from one experience to the other during Art Rotterdam. Collectors should feel like they’re part of a large, dynamic culture!”

Installation Views