Johan de Wit: Solid Air

26 October - 23 November 2019

Rutger Brandt Gallery is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition by Belgian artist Johan de Wit in the gallery. We’ve been collaboration with Johan de Wit since 2018 and have shown his wonderful work at different events and art fairs.

Johan De Wit is most known for his sculptures and videos His works evoke associations such as childhood memories, vanity and melancholy. De Wit looks for the aesthetic in objects of everyday life such as a ladder, a pot or, in his newest work, the famous Lego bricks. A paper 3D-model forms the basis for Johan de Wit’s recent series of objects, which are reinforced both on the inside and the outside by resin and marble powder. De Wit reworks the model during the drying process to create folds and dents. He subsequently finishes each piece with different colors and shades of paint, and then gives the surface of the work a final sanding. This results in a concealing and a retrieval of the dents and folds of the three-dimensional form. The light that is then captured and reflected calls attention to all the rich layers of the surface answering to the artists search for materiality, texture and color.

Installation Views