Matthias Schaareman in the Noord Brabants museum

Under the heading "Brabantse Nieuwe", young, promising artists from Noord-Brabant will be given a stage at Het Noordbrabants Museum. The work of Matthias Schaareman can be seen from 14 July 2018.


Matthias Schaareman (Arnhem, 1986) makes paintings on paper that intervene in the tension between the two- and three-dimensional plane. His works return forms that refer to ornaments from old houses, theaters and industrial heritage.


In addition, he is inspired by the decorative motifs and frames used in Arabic miniatures, Russian icons or Japanese woodblock prints. Partly because of the precision that can be found in this and partly because these art forms often unconsciously play the spatial game that Schaareman is looking for due to style or limitation. In the flat spaces or see-throughs that can be seen in his work, these elements are arranged in a collage-like manner and he searches for a moment in which all loose parts coincide in the right way. The process of the work always remains clearly visible because layers of paint are stacked and peeled off again. The graphic constructions he uses to create the decorative patterns also remain visible.


This way of working gives the paintings its own history. Schaareman does not give his works titles, but numbers them. In doing so, he leaves the viewer plenty of room for his own imagination and memories.

July 22, 2018
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