Carlos Sagrera exhibits in Mexico


For the first time paintings by Carlos Sagrera will featured in a show in Mexico. Under the title Hábito Four new works will be on display at Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. Starting June 8, 2019.

On the show:

“Habit: A way of proceeding or repetition of same or similar  acts, originated by instinctive tendencies, especially ones that are hard to give up” 

The interior space keeps the memory of those whom inhabit it alive, however time might transform the rooms at the will or necessity of those residents.

The domestic deterioration that comes from ordinary use leave traces on the furniture, the floors, the walls and the ceiling. The routines and habits from those who occupy the space leave evidence of living.

These patterns or traces appear in the paintings; fluid and incomplete reconstructions of a spaces which are no longer possible to access but through this recreation almost seem tactile. A frozen moment in the slow process of fading memories of places that were once so familiar.

May 10, 2019
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