Rutger Brandt Gallery featured in Gallery Viewer Magazine!

Gallery Viewer has published a fantastic interview with our founder, Rutger Brandt.


The article takes a deeper look into the history of our gallery and how Rutger got his start in the art world.


Take a look at the excerpt below and read the full story LINKED HERE.


How would you describe your gallery’s profile? 


Ultimately, the choice of artists you represent is a very personal one, which reflects your taste in art. With my background in more figurative art, you can see that the emphasis is on that. I do call it conceptual realism, however, and not copying or recording realism. The art you see in my gallery often has an edge that can evoke feelings of melancholy or loneliness, and alienation is never far away. The artists tell a story with their work; an individual work can of course stand on its own, but together it tells about something very personal and individual, as with Carlos Sagrera, and sometimes it is a reaction to current events, as in the case of Radenko Milak. 


Although it is difficult to discover a common thread, there is a common denominator and that is that something must be 'well made'. I don't necessarily mean well painted; as long as it is intentional, and not out of ignorance. That is easy to judge, also in abstract work such as that of Emmanuel Barcilon or Johan de Wit; work that is made with great care and perfectly finished.

November 11, 2022
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