Timo Grimm: Remaining Fragments

24 April - 29 May 2021

Opening Saturday April 24 from 12 - 5pm, please make a reservation for a time slot by sending us an email: contact@brandtgallery.com


The works of Timo Grimm are illusions. On the first view, his paintings appear to be broken tiles from the 17th century, but on a closer look it turns out that what we see is oil on canvas. This material confusion is triggered by real cracks across the paintings. These cracks are the result of a complex construction of the frame, which was broken into pieces, which were strung individually and put together again. Through the special attention on the complicated preparation of the material, the viewer’s attention is brought on the opportunities of the medium itself. But this work also brings a new narration to the traditional images portrayed on the tiles. The images are transferred onto the canvas and function as Readymades. The cracks are creating a dichotomy in which the images get attacked and valued at the same time. A destruction with the goal to use the remaining fragments for a new composition that interprets these pieces in a different way.