I Amsterdam – You Berlin 2016 Gallery Weekend Berlin

I Amsterdam You Berlin | Contemporary art from Amsterdam and Berlin: BEYOND Selected by Tina Sauerländer

venue: St. Johannes Evangelist-Kirche, Auguststraße 90, 10117 Berlin
opening reception: Thursday, April 28th , 7 – 10pm
open: Friday, April 29th, 12 (noon) – 22pm , Saturday, April 30th, 12 (noon) – 8pm and May 1st 12 (noon) – 7pm
Admission is free

participating galleries: AMSTERDAM: Galerie AdK, Galerie Bart, Galerie Brandt, TORCH gallery, Galerie Wit BERLIN: Galerie Inga Kondeyne, janinebeangallery, lorch+seidel, Petra Riez Salon Galerie, Galerie Carsten Seifert , Wichtendahl Galerie

The German-Dutch Gallery Network I Amsterdam You Berlin presents the group show BEYOND. For the fourth time, a concentrated look is taken into the lively contemporary art scene of two cities with long artistic traditions. For Berlin Gallery Weekend, the galleries from Amsterdam and Berlin are exhibiting together. Out of each program of the participating partners, Berlin curator Tina Sauerländer selects one artist who dedicates a comprehensive solo presentation on the topic BEYOND. The beyond refers to another world past a limit or threshold—a fantasy land, a new reality or paradise. The meanings and associations are diverse yet have one thing in common: they imply the necessity of leaving one world in order to pass into the other. The closely related symbolism of impermanence, i.e. Vanitas, occurs frequently in contemporary art although the idea of one’s own death in secular, capitalist society is associated with great anxiety. The artists represented in BEYOND access not only classical Vanitas motifs such as flowers or mirrors, but also address abstract visual language or reinterpretations of Christian iconography. In the sacred space of St. John the Evangelist Church in Berlin-Mitte, the exhibition presents forms of artistic discourse with a topic that not only exists in different cultures and religions but are also closely linked to individual existence and personal experience. The Gallery Network I Amsterdam You Berlin promotes new forms of cooperation between commercial and non-profit groups, intercultural exchange and new ways of presentation and paths of communication in contemporary art. This project and exhibition series during the Berlin Gallery Weekend was initiated by the gallery Bart Amsterdam-Nijmegen and is jointly organized by all participating galleries. The project takes place in cooperation with the nonprofit Berlin Office of Cultural Affairs Elisabeth.