Hosu exhibition at famous Leipziger Museum. Sebastian Hosu at MdbK Leipzig

CONNECT Leipzig sees the MdbK offer space to young artists, giving them the opportunity to gather their first museum experience. An international jury
selected ten young applicants from 120 submissions received, with the works to be displayed in the Zündkerzen-Hof on the ground floor of the MdbK
at alternating four-weekly intervals, starting in March 2018.

Article on the show: Sebastian Hosu zeigt aufgefrischtes Fleisch

The Artiust oft the first year CONNECT Leipzig:
Deborah Jeromin. Metamorphosen / Video & Installation: 14.03.–08.04.2018
Benjamin Dittrich. Zarter Fels / Painting: 19.04.–13.05.2018
Sebastian Hosu. Green Meat / Painting: 24.05.–17.06.2018
Gregor Peschko. Entrance / Installation: 05.–29.07.2018
Ramona Schacht / Fotografie: 06.–30.09.2018
Carsten Saeger / Installation, Performance: 11.10–04.11.2018
Heet Lee / Painting: 15.11.–09.12.2018
Sarah Pschorn / Sculptur, Installation: 19.12.2018 –13.01.2019
Gala Goebel / Videoinstallation: 23.01.–17.02.2019
Andrėja Šaltytė / Video: 27.02.–24.03. 2019