Sander Cedee The Architecture of Mind (The Solo Project, Basel)

In his new body of work that will be premiered at The Solo Project in Basel, Sander Cedee records constructed spaces; an abandoned kitchen, a waiting room or a deserted swimming pool, all in which the absence of people is palpable. Some titles of these imaginary spaces refer to drugs used for mental illnesses. For Cedee these areas are mental spaces, unsafe areas in which we are convicted to dwell. Cedee: “You have to learn to live with these thoughts; after all you are your thoughts”

His abstracted, imaginary architecture may conjure up memories of places but clearly transcend reality. Within the confined space of the canvas he constructs this plan, calling it The Architecture of Mind; fragments of a world, a reality distorted by his own mental constructions. Cedee: “I use the layers in-between in a way that they should dramatize the frozen fragments of the subjects I paint. The lenses, the TV, digital artefacts, my mental constructions, the way I paint it, they are all translations one by one, a process with losses and gains”.

Sander Cedee not only collects images from various sources but is also an avid photographer. The photo’s and borrowed images of often ordinary subjects suggest a haunted, disturbing world in which he searches for human drama. Together with his sketches in pencil or ink, they form a starting point for the paintings. The finished canvasses suggest a thought, a story, in which the viewer is left with the opportunity to layer these with their own meaning and ideas.

Like many painters, mastering the light has always been one of the challenges in Cedee’s work, and he continues to do so in this new body of paintings in which the objective is a less exact rendering of a particular space. In The Architecture of Mind new subject matters appear: the body, a single object and even landscape. Cedee: “I am fascinated by how an unreal or abstract aspect, like a blur, a halo, or an off-color can make things more real, perhaps dramatize reality”.

A Selfmade More-Reality, Sander Cedee:

I search for possibilities in painting to create images that are more real then ‘real’. It is not at all about hyperrealism, it is about finding a way to a selfmade ‘more-reality’ with the use of both abstract and ‘realistic’ painting; trying to find a synthesis.

The paintings, which I would like to call ‘scenes’, can be seen as a way of recording constructed places in which sometimes people occured a moment ago, altering something for an unknown reason. Their (lack of) actions are still noticable. I am searching for scenes that reveal the heading of a divine disaster, a ‘horny death’. Rooms in buildings like hospitals, but also cars and cockpits play an important role in those scenes; People create buildings, rooms, that at a certain moment take over.
These constructions become in charge. Over time they create another purpose then what they are created for. A person can feel not welcome anymore, but can also be atracted to them. The cars and buildings are characters; machine and man, fighting for who is in charge, ending up melted together. The first signs of desintegration occur. The interior of the car, but also the places in e.g. hospitals I would like to see as capsules in which one can hide or as gates to another level within the city we live in, comparable with ‘non-sites’. Together they form a network of nests.

The scenes take place in a layer beneath the world we live in, but it takes part of it at the same time, they are interweaved. At that state they can grant access to a consciousness about what is more real then ‘real’. Maybe the ultimate reality I am searching for has something to do with the Inner Experience (ref. Bataille).

Curriculum Vitae
Gerrit Rietveld Academy: BFA Fine Arts, Amsterdam, 2005 – 2009.
Cedee regularly shows with Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam and has shown at numerous shows including: 
PAN Art fair Amsterdam 2013, 2014, 2015. 
RAW Art Fair Rotterdam 2012, 2013, 2014. 
Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, 2013. Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, USA 2013. Art Amsterdam solo presentation 2013, Metropolitan Pavilion, Art Steven Petronio Company, New York City, USA 2012. 
SLAG Contemporary, soloshow: ‘Inside-Outsider’, New York City, USA, 2012
. The Hort Collection, New York City, USA, 2012
. The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, “Buy What You Love 2012”, 2012. Galerie Ron Mandos, “Best of Graduates”, Amsterdam, 2009

Residencies: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst Ontwikkelbudget Beeldend Kunstenaars 2010. BKVB Bijdrage Werkbudget buitenland 2012
, Residencies 
Point B, Brooklyn, New York, 2012

Ennis, 2014

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 50 x 40 cm

Motiv, 2015

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 80 x 60 cm

Rhi i9, 2014

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 123 x 185 cm
Rhi i9

Rhi i8, 2014

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 120 x 100 cm
Rhi i8

Numb, 2015

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 50 x 60 cm

Core, 2015

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 170 x 160 cm

Zoloft, 2013

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 100 x 140 cm

Rhi o5, 2014

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 55 x 60 cm
Rhi o5

1000 Colonial Farm Road, 2015

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 100 x 140 cm
1000 Colonial Farm Road

Sander Cedee, 2015, Hag, 95 x 85, olieverf op doek-w1000

    Sander Cedee, 2015, Hag, 95 x 85, olieverf op doek-w1000

    Harvester, 2015

    • oil and acrylic on canvas
    • 174 x 190 cm

    Logue, 2015

    • oil and acrylic on canvas
    • 50 x 50 cm

    Procession, 2015

    • oil and acrylic on canvas
    • 160 x 120 cm

    The Prospect, 2015

    • oil and acrylic on canvas
    • 125 x 180 cm
    The Prospect

    Breeder, 2014

    • oil and acrylic on canvas
    • 55 x 65 cm

    Mouth, 2015

    • oil on canvas
    • 60 x 50 cm

    Rise, 2015

    • oil on canvas
    • 60 x 50 cm

    Rise II, 2015

    • oil on canvas
    • 60 x 50 cm
    Rise II

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