Gate to Paradise, 2019

  • neoclassical door, powder coated steel
  • 187 x 90 x 25cm
Gate to Paradise

Gate to Paradise, 2019

  • neoclassical door, powder coated steel
  • 187 x 90 x 25cm
Gate to Paradise

Gate to Paradise, 2019

  • neoclassical door, powder coated steel
  • 187 x 90 x 25cm
Gate to Paradise

Gate to Paradise, 2019

  • neoclassical door, powder coated steel
  • 187 x 90 x 25cm
Gate to Paradise

100 years, 2019

  • electric motor, lead battery, magnets, beer coaster, classical foldable table
  • 80 x 113 x 50cm
100 years

Gate to Paradise & 100 years in the artist's studio

    Gate to Paradise & 100 years in the artist's studio

    Time to change the world, 2006

    • wood, glossy paint, adhesive letters
    • 120 x 50 x 50 cm
    Time to change the world

    Dauerbrenner IV

    • wood, aluminium, stepper motor, POM, control interface
    • 125 x 45 x 45 cm
    Dauerbrenner IV

    Second Class, 2008

    • stainless steel polished, glass, mirror, paint, wood
    • 250 x 120 x 180 cm
    Second Class

    Sabotage, 2013

    • mirrors from destroyed disco ball
    • 190 x 104 cm / 90 x 45 cm

    Never miss a flight, 2011

    • wood, insects, Fabriano 300g paper, Volvo V70
    • 32 x 40 cm (paper size)
    Never miss a flight

    Never lost anything, 2006

    • jeans, yarn, framed
    • 150 x 100 cm
    Never lost anything

    I found it, 2008

    • acrylic glas, stainless steel, light bulbs
    • 160 x 70 x 40 cm
    I found it

    Falling in love with you, 2007

    • konvex mirror, electric magnet, controller, motion
    • dimensions variable
    Falling in love with you

    World Closed Ahead, 2008

    • steel, zink spray, aluminium, letters
    • 120 x 100 x 40 cm
    World Closed Ahead

    Keep your opinion, 2008

    • birch wood, excentric motor 220V, moving sensor
    • dimensions variable
    Keep your opinion

    Robert Barta

    Robert Barta casts an amused eye on the world and finds the material for his artistic work in everyday objects or situations-the foundations of his unbridled world. With slight alterations, incongruous combinations, plays on words and shift in meaning, he establishes a strategy of misuse which transforms the nature of familiar objects to reveal their inner essence and the paradoxes and tensions that give them life.

    Robert Barta (*1975, Prague) studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Kџnste Munich und the San Francisco Art Institute, where he made his MFA.

    Curriculum Vitae

    Born in 1975 Prague (CZ)
    lives and works in Berlin


    1998 – 2005 Akademie der Bildenden Kџnste, Academy of fine arts Munich
    2002 – 2003 San Francisco Art Institute, MFA, (Prof.Paul Kos, Prof.Tony Labat) (USA)

    Solo shows:

    2016 HE IS BACK BUT FAR AWAY, public installation,Tacho Kreuzberg, BERLIN
    2015 ONE DAY I WILL GROW UP, public installation, Galerie PROLUKA, PRAGUE
    2014 MIAMI VICE, Stadtgalerie Kiel (with Frederik Foert), KIEL
    2013 CROSSING HALF A MILLION STARS, Galerie Sherin Najjar, BERLIN
    MOVE IT!, Do Not Open, BRUSSELS
    2011 Nanezdrav’ ! , (curated by Vladimir Isailovic) Robert Barta Grimmuseum, BERLIN
    2010 WHY ants can‘t dance, Robert Barta, Furini Arte Contemporanea, ROME (I)
    The shootout at the solarium, Kwadrat, BERLIN
    Reality looks back on me. (curated by Marion Thielebein) Museum Pfalzgalerie KAISERSLAUTERN
    2008 World closed use other side, Galerie Martin Mertens BERLIN
    2007 Play with your life it`s healthy for you, Galerie Martin Mertens, BERLIN
    Everything good comes from beneath (curated by Marcus Graf) Under construction, ISTANBUL

    Group shows:

    2016 RAUMPROTHESE, (with Tomaz Kramberger, Thomas Behling, Herwig Gillerke, Vanja Balogh), Gadewe, BREMEN
    2015 DIE SAMMLUNG HAUS N, (curated by Dr. Bernd Brandes-Druba, Uwe Honsberg,Prof. Peter Nagel, Gruppe Zebra,
    Ingeborg Wiensowski, Dieter Witasik, Kunstprofilkurs Klaus-Groth-Schule/Ute von Bџlow, Herbert Gerisch-
    Stiftung, NEM†NSTER
    FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS,(curated by Vanja Balogh), Palazzo riva di sette Martiri, Venice Biannal, VENICE,(I)
    2014 ICASTICA 2014, (curated by Fabio Migliorati), AREZZO (I)
    A Union of Voices, (curated by Tim Ellis) Horatio Junior, LONDON
    2013 The Causes of Things, (curated by SЋbastien Faucon CNAP) Centrale for contemporary art, BRUSSELS – catalogue
    PROBLEM IS HERE, (curated by D. V‡clavov‡, K.Kintera) 4+4days, PRAGUE
    LAIKA, (T.Behling, M.Kato) Kreuzberg Pavilon, BERLIN
    DADDY YOU CAN‘T MAKE A CACTUS…THIS HAS BEEN DONE, (curated by my son Cato Dibelius) Grimmuseum, BERLIN
    2012 WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY ANOTHER GAME, (curated by D. V‡clavov‡, K.Kintera) 4+4days, PRAGUE
    NEUE KUNST IN ALTEN GЂRTEN, (curated by Hannes Malte Mahler) Lenthe, HANNOVER – catalogue
    OTTO DIX PREIS, StЉdtische Kunstsammlung, GERA – s. catalogue
    2011 GRAND TOUR, (curated by Claudio Libero Pisano) CIAC center for contemporary art, GENAZZANO (I) – catalogue
    CECI N‘EST PAS UN CASINO II (curated by Kevin Muhlen and Jo Kox) Museum Villa Merkel, ESSLINGEN
    2010 CECI N‘EST PAS UN CASINO (curated by Kevin Muhlen and Jo Kox) Casino LUXEMBOURG – catalogue
    2009 Rohkunstbau XVI, (curated by Mark Gisbourne) Schloss Marquardt, BERLIN-Marquardt – catalogue
    Romantische Maschinen, (curated by Marc Wellmann) Georg-Kolbe Museum, BERLIN – catalogue
    La mesure du dЋsordre, (curated by FNAC) Le Parvis – scЏne nationale Tarbes PyrЋnЋes, IBOS (F)
    2008 SCULPT-O-MANIA, Neue Skulptur aus Deutschland (curated by W.Zeigerer), City gallery, KIEL – catalogue
    Phoenix vs Babel, (curated by Patrice Joly, Colette Barbier) Fondation Ricard, PARIS Frauenportraits, Overbeckgesellschaft, Kunstverein L†BECK
    Art is my playground, Luna Park (curated by Melih Gљrgџn, Marcus Graf, Beral Madra) ISTANBUL (TR) – catalogue
    2007 Gross domestic product, (curated by Kristof Kintera) City Gallery GHMP, PRAGUE (CZ)
    Art for fun, Casal Solleric Center for contemporary art, (curated by Javier Arlandis) PALMA de MALLORCA (E) – catalogue
    2006 Galerie Rџdiger Schљttle (with R.Chisholm, J.J.Ziolkowski, D.Ozbolt, M. Lukosaitis,) MUNICH
    Lieber Friedrich, Kunstverein Kassel, Fridericianum, KASSEL
    Haunted, (curated by Patrick Rock) Disjecta, PORTLAND (USA)

    Works in public collections and commissioned artworks:

    CNAP Centre national des arts plastiques, Paris (F)
    MY PRIVATE Mazzari Collection, Milano (I)
    Sammlung HAUS N, Peter Niemann, Kiel (D)
    Columbus Art Foundation Ravensburg/Leipzig (D)
    Sammlung der Deutschen Bundesbank Frankfurt a.M. (D)
    Thomas Mann Villa, Munich (The tree on a tree tree 2005) (D)
    EMDASH Foundation, private collection Berlin/London (GB)
    Hљfels collection – private collection Berlin/Potsdam (Pinocchio 2010) (D)
    Kunst am Bau – QUIVID Landeshauptstadt Mџnchen (Footprints 2012) (D)
    private collections in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United States

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