While we are unable to welcome you to the gallery to show our latest artworks, we feel it's important to keep inspiring each other and keep active, especially during these challenging times. To support our artists and inspire our online visitors with beautiful art, we will highlight a different artist and showcase their artworks on a weekly basis in 'Artist of the week'.


Artist of the week: Matthias Schaareman⁠!

Matthias Schaareman (1986) creates paintings on paper which always possess a certain abstraction. The forms in his works refer to home furnishings, theaters, industrial heritage and ornaments from old houses. Schaareman breaks down these forms in order to give them a more autonomous form.⁠

Inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and Arab miniatures, Schaareman plays with the intersection between two and three-dimensionality in his artworks. In the flat spaces of this works, he places different elements in a collage-like manner until all the separate parts come together in the right way.⁠

Schaareman doesn’t title his artworks; instead, he numbers them, inviting the viewer to project their own interpretations as much as possible onto them.⁠

For available works and prices see our private view