1611, 2016

  • gouache on paper
  • 90 x 41

1705, 2017

  • gouache on paper
  • 21,5 x 14,5 cm

1704, 2017

  • gouache on paper
  • 24,5 x 19 cm

1610, 2016

  • gouache on paper
  • 35x26 cm

1608, 2016

  • gouache on paper
  • 28 x 18 cm

1607, 2017

  • gouache on paper
  • 32 x 20 cm

1602, 2016

  • gouache on paper
  • 22,5 x 15,5 cm

Matthias Schaareman

Matthias Schaareman (1986, Arnhem) creates paintings on paper in which the tension between two and three dimesional space is investigated. The forms in his works refer to home furnishings, theaters, industrial heritage and ornaments from old houses. He is inspired by decorative patterns and shapes that are used in Arabic miniatures and Russian icons. These elements are used because of the precision with which they were made and because both art forms often create, due to ignorance of perspectives and spatiality, the play Schaareman is looking for. In the flat spaces or vistas in his works, the spacial elements are ordered and played with in a collage-like manner until all the separate parts come together in the right way.

The forms in Schaareman’s works always possess a certain abstraction. The origin and context from which these shapes are created are still visible, but the artist allows himself to build them up, polish them and break them down again in such a way as to give them a more autonomous form.

An important aspect in the works are the recurring graphical and decorative patterns. These patterns sometimes act as a background, but often become part of the spaces Schaareman is suggesting. These designs are not simply decorative. He also investigates their narrative and spatial meanings.

Schaareman’s work is often created without a preconceived idea. The angle of a windowsill, a newly found colour or a pattern on a fabric can all be a motive to start painting. Sometimes it takes months or even several years to complete a work because an element that turns out to be necessary to finish the work is only found later on or because the artist needs a moment of courage to take the final steps. The process of painting is always visible in the layers of paint that are build up and removed time after time. Also the graphical constructions which are used to create the decorative patterns are still visible when the work is finished. This loads the works with their own history and presence.


Curriculum Vitae

Februari | prospects and concepts, Art rotterdam |

September | Expoplu | duo tentoonstelling met Arash Fakim | Nijmegen

Mei | Cacaou fabriek | groepsexpositie | Helmond
Mei | Grafiek en de jonge kunstenaar| Willem Twee den Bosch | groepsexpositie met o.a Rabi Koria

Januari | For real beurs voor hedendaags realisme | Luycks galerie

December | This Art Fair Amsterdam. Galerie with Tsjalling duo met Anne van As
Oktober | Art den haag | Jump Stand en Luycks galerie stand
September | oktober Luycks Galerie Tilburg | on some shelves of the universe| Groepsexpositie met o.aMarc Mulders, Stefan Peters, Roos Holleman, Jhon van Oers, Heidi Linck.
Juli / augustus | Jump guest @ van abbe | groepsexpositie | van Abbemuseum |
Februrari | Productiehuis plaatsmaken | zwaar metaal nieuw licht masterclass

november | Luycks gallery | A Joy Forever | groepsexpositie
oktober | Galerie with Tsjalling Groningen| Duo expositie met Jenny Wilson
oktober | PAK Gistel | A narrative and a punchline | groepsexpositie met oa Casper Verborg, Stefan Peters, Niek Hendrikx, Heidi Linck
september | TETEM Enschede |groepsexpositie| “Rain affects the grass” met o.a Koes staassen
juni – juli | Polygonale hal Tilburg | groepsexpositie “Jump beyond borders”
juni | Luchtkasteel Arnhem | groepsexpositie| “Incrowd the final love story”
april – mei | Luycks Gallery Tilburg | Duo expositie met Roos Holleman “gestold leven” januari | Luchtkasteel Arnhem | groepsexpositie “Luchtkasteel land in Arnhem”

december | Luycks Gallery Tilburg |groepsexpositie | “A thing of beauty”
september |Young professionals Arnhem | groepsexpositie
juli – augustus | BKKC Tilburg | groepsexpositie | “Jump”
juni | Kleur ruimte Arnhem | solo
mei | Magma Antwerpen | groepsexpositie | “Magma Crowded” met oa Timo van Grinsven april |VORT Den Bosch | groepsexpositie | “Ruimte/Space”

September | Rock start Arnhem | groepsexpositie
September | Young professionals Arnhem | groepsexpositie
januari- mei |Anonymous Drawings Berlin/Leipzig/Berlin selection| groepsexpositie

juni | AKV St Joost Den Bosch| eindexpositie
februari |Kunst podium T Tilburg |groepsexpositie STRAF jauari | CBK Den Bosch | groepsexpositie: ALLES DAT BLINKT

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