Eclectic Living I, 2017

  • oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas
  • 180 x 200 cm
Eclectic Living I

Untitled, 2018

  • oil paint, acrylic paint, water paints, ink and plaster on wooden panels
  • 200 x 250 cm

Vertical tributary, 2018

  • acrylic paint, water paints, ink and plaster on wooden panels
  • 200 x 250 cm
Vertical tributary

Migration of Order, blue interior, 2017

  • acrylic paint, water paints and ink and plaster on wooden panels
  • 200 x 250 cm
Migration of Order, blue interior

The bustling foyer, 2018

  • acrylic paint, water paints, ink and plaster on wooden panels
  • 200 x 300 cm
The bustling foyer

Untitled, 2019

  • oil, acrylic, thread and wood
  • 80 x 100 cm

Direshades 2, 2019

  • oil, acrylic, thread and wood
  • 112 x 62 cm
Direshades 2

Direshades 2 (side view), 2019

  • oil, acrylic, thread and wood
  • 112 x 62 cm
Direshades 2 (side view)

Inez de Brauw (guest artist)

The work of Inez de Brauw emphasizes the loss of value and the change in meaning of objects and cultural symbols through time. The big paintings, made of painted plaster on wooden panels, are inspired by interiors taken from lifestyle magazines; staged interiors that have no purpose except commercial advertisement and defining contemporary taste.
De Brauw appropriates the decorative patterns appearing on wallpapers, pillows and furniture, which by the time they appear in a magazine have lost their historical significance. By doing so, De Brauw allows the patterns and -mass produced furniture- to take their leading role again. They evolve and become languages, personalities. Focussing on the fluid and fragile character of the materials she works with (Ebru ‘painting on water’; painted plaster on wood) De Brauw creates new forms and allows them to evolve even further.
The forms move away from their original shape and morph into others. The big paintings are made out of panels that after their first put, can be shifted in different orders. The image becomes changeable and distortable. This migration of shapes becomes a metaphor for a feeling of being without lineage, without roots, adrift between historical specificity, kitsch and irony.

Curriculum Vitae

1989, lives and works in Amsterdam


2016 – 2017 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
2010 – 2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (with honours)


2019   Kunstplatform de Apotheek (group)
2019   Trouble in Paradise, Kunsthal Rotterdam (group)

2018   Exhibition Royal Award for Modern Painting , Amsterdam (group)
2018   Artissima, Artericambi Gallery, Turin (group)
2018  ‘Covert Motion’, Artericambi Gallery, Verona (solo)
2018   Unfair Amsterdam (group)
2018  ‘Drifting and dreaming’, Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam (group)
​2018   Art Rotterdam, Vriend van Bavink (duo)

2017   RijksakademieOPEN (group)
2017   YIA Art Fair, Fontana Gallery (solo)
2017   C Lab Amsterdam (group)

2016   RijksakademieOPEN 2016 (group)
​2016   Van Bommel van Dam Prize Exhibition – Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (group)
2016  ‘These shapes remind me of you‘, Galerie Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam (group)
2016   Jubileumexpositie, Galerie Joghem, Sanquin Amsterdam (group)

2015-2016  ​ Caffè Belmondo, Amsterdam Zuid (solo) -now-
2014-2016  ‘Art at TMF Group‘, TMF Group Office, Amsterdam (group)  -now-
2015   Galerie Joghem, Sanquin Amsterdam (solo)

2014  ‘Power Brokers‘, De Kaping, Amersfoort (group)
2014  ‘Groene blaadjes in November‘, Het Hoofdkantoor, Haarlem (group)
2014  ‘Team Annemarie: Graduation Show‘, Corrosia Stad, Almere (group)
2014   Art The Hague, Galerie Vonkel (group)
2014  ‘Lichting ’14‘ Galerie Vonkel, Den Haag (group)
2014   Habitat Forteneiland, IJmuiden (group)
2014  ‘HKU FA TWG’ Graduation Exhibition (group)
2014  ’36 Days of Painting’, Academiegalerie Utrecht (group)


2018 Stipendium for Emerging Artists, Mondriaanfonds
2017 Fellowship, Rien Meppelink
2017 Young talent Award, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
2016 Fellowship, Rien Meppelink
2016 Beurs praktijkverdieping, Mondriaanfonds


2018 Royal Award for Modern Painting (nomination)
2018 Buning Brongers Prize (nomination)
2016 Van Bommel van Dam Prize (nomination)
2014 Top 50 Blooom Award by Warsteiner (nomination)
2014 Buning Brongers Prize (nomination)
2014 Kunst aan de Dijk Scolarship (nomination)


NN Group Collection
Collection Rechtbank Amsterdam
KRC Collection
In4Art Open Collection
KPMG Art Collection
AMC Art Collection
Sanquin Art Collection
Private collections NL, CN, BE


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